Rock Mechanics Laboratory Testing Services

Samples of different rock types for Brazilian disc, uniaxial, and triaxial testing.

The design and analyses of any rock engineering project for civil or mining applications require careful mechanical characterization the host rock. For this purpose, rock cores are drilled on-site and rock samples are prepared for laboratory testing. These samples then go through various standard rock mechanics testing procedures to determine several physical and mechanical properties. These properties are typically used for design purposes, including any numerical simulations of the problem using Geomechanica's Irazu software.

To better help civil engineering and mining companies as well as geotechnical consultants with their rock testing needs, Geomechanica offers standard rock testing services using its laboratory testing facility located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Using our personnel's extensive testing experience and our expertise in computer programming and automation, we strive to provide the clients with:

  • Precise measurements;
  • Prompt turnaround times; and
  • High quality reporting including digital (raw) data of the tests to ensure utmost transparency.

Currently, the following types of tests are offered:

  • Unconfined uniaxial compressive testing
  • Triaxial confined compressive testing
  • Brazilian disc tensile testing
  • Direct shear testing
  • Slake durability testing
  • Cerchar abrasivity testing
  • Point load testing

Further testing services can be added and/or customized based on individual client's needs. Get in touch with us at to discuss your specific needs.

Quality Assurance

Specimen preparation and testing are performed in compliance with the relevant International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) Suggested Methods and/or the relevant ASTM Standards. In addition to a professional and detailed testing report (in PDF format), clients receive the raw test data, including stress-strain and/or stress-displacement data (whenever applicable), in a digital format (Microsoft Excel).

Download our testing brochure External link or view it below. Contact us at to inquire about your testing needs or to request a quote.

Sample report

Below are screenshots from a sample report.

Our expertise

Below is a list of our publications that employ rock laboratory testing to solve complex rock mechanics research problems.

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  • Standard rock mechanics laboratory testing services
  • Services available for NQ, HQ, and PQ core sizes
  • Special discounts for larger testing projects
  • Quick turnaround (2-3 weeks depending on the testing project)
  • Rush orders accepted